Alexey Sergeyevich Dreev

Chess career        

Competitions of young
Dreïev was world champion under 16 in 1983 and 1984. He won the European junior championship in 1988.
World Championships and World Cups
In 1990, he won the zonal tournament in Lviv . during the interzonal tournament in Manila , Aleseï Dreïev finished in 5 th - 11 th places and qualified for the candidates' tournament but was eliminated in the first round by Viswanathan Anand .
In 1993, he qualified for the Biel interzonal tournament, finished 9 th - 16 th and was eliminated from the 1993-1996 cycle of candidates.
At the world championship of the International Chess Federation 1997-1998 in Groningen , he was eliminated in the quarterfinals by Boris Guelfand .
At the 1999 FIDE World Championships (in Las Vegas ), 2000 (in New Delhi), 2001 (in Moscow) and 2004 (in Tripoli), he was eliminated in the round of 16 each time.

Dreïev's results at the FIDE World Cups and World Championships        

European Championships        

In 2000, he won the European blitz championship.
In 2013, he finished first tied and ninth in the tiebreaker at the European Individual Chess Championship at Legnica .

Victories in international tournaments        

Alekseï Dreïev won
The Podolsk tournament in 1992,
The international open of Saint-Petersburg in 1993 ( Tchigorine memorial , 8/9, +7 = 2),
The Brno tournament in 1994,
The Wijk aan Zee tournament in 1995 (knockout tournament),
The Biel Chess Festival in 1995 (9/13, +5 = 8),
The Yalta fast tournament in 1995,
The 1995-1996 Reggio Emilia tournament,
The open Annibal in 1999 (8/10, +6 = 4),
The Tan Chin Nan Cup in Beijing in 1999 (8/9) and 2000 (6/9)
The Essen tournament in 2000,
The Dos Hermanas tournament in 2001 and 2003,
The North Sea section at Esbjerg in 2003,
The Reykjavik open in 2004,
The 2003 Moscow blitz open,
The Open Parsvnath of New Delhi in 2007 (8.5 / 10, +7 = 3),
The Cento open in 2011,
The Jakarta Open in 2013.

Team competitions        

Dreïev represented Russia at five Olympiads. He won the team gold medal in 1992, 1994 and 1996. In 1998, he played on the first board. In 2004, he won the silver medal by team 2
He has participated in four world team championships:
In 1993, he won the individual gold medal as a chessboard and the team bronze medal.
In 1997 (reserve chessboard), he won the team gold medal.
In 2001, on the second board, he won the team silver medal.
In 2005, on the second board, he received the gold medal.


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